All derivative contracts on listed on Delta Exchange India are notionally margined and settled in USD. However, the the USD-INR rate on the platform is fixed at 85, i.e. 1 USD = 85 INR. Further, user balances are at all times maintained in INR within the Indian banking system. The means that effectively margining and realisation of PnL happens in INR. And, that users are not exposed to any risks from the fluctuation of the actual USD-INR exchange rate.

How does it work for deposits

Deposits are made only in INR. The deposited INR amount is reflected in your account in USD terms using the fixed USD-INR rate. Ex: If you deposits INR 15,000 to your Delta Exchange India account, it will be reflected in your account as 176.47 USD.

How does it work for withdrawals

The withdrawable balance in your account is shown in both USD and INR terms. Since withdrawals are allowed only in INR terms to your bank account, you need to specify the amount to be withdrawn in INR.

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